Monday, May 27, 2013

Jacob Drew Sullivan

Please join me in welcoming the newest member of the Sullivan family! Jacob Drew arrived at 11:19am on May 20, 2013. Weighing in at 6lbs 3oz. and was 20.5 inches long.
He is seriously a DREAM baby! We have lucked out yet again. He rarely cries and just loves to sleep and eat. We are in love and couldn't be happier to have him in our lives!
It's been one week since his arrival and I've never felt more complete...even if I am a hormonal mess these days (cry at the drop of a hat anyone?).

Tyler is also such a wonderful big brother. You can tell he truly loves Baby Jacob. Always smothering him with kisses and talking to him in this cute little high pitched voice.
The only adjustment issues has been the "de-spoiling" that comes with being with both sets of grandparents for a week.

Enjoy the pics below...I'll post more about his birth story, my recovery, etc later this week!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Long time no see...

OMG!!! I know I know...I suck! I can't believe it's been so long since I've updated my blog. We are talking a month and a half here people.
But I have to give credit where credit is due...Stay at Home Moms, I have no idea how you blog. When I was at work, I could update my blog over lunch hour...but when I was home alone with Tyler all day, we were on the go 24/7.... and that pretty much made it next to impossible to do anything else.
And being 8 months preggers and exhausted by 8pm every night didn't make it easier.
But needless to say we've spent the last month getting ready for Baby Jacob!
I can't believe it's almost here...I'll be a new mom again in 4 days!!!!
I'm so ready to have him here and smother him with kisses!!!

So what have we been up to in April??? Well, Ben had his bday the week after Easter. I hosted a poker party for him at our house, complete with cake, booze and pizza.
While the men played, the wives took the kids out for jumping at Sky Zone and then hit up Mellow Mushroom. Everything went off without a hitch and the kids had a great time.

The next weekend was Ben's big weekend competing with all the neighbors in the Warrior Dash. He kicked butt and I can't wait to join in the fun next year. That evening we all went over to Jill and Shawn's for pizza and fun times!

The week of April 15th, Tyler and I took off to Spartanburg for the week to spend some quality time with Nana and Poppa.
I left Sparkle City on Friday and Tyler stayed behind to go to the Drag Races in Charlotte with my parents.
Meanwhile, Ben and I had neighbor night out with all of our neighborhood friends. Tons of fun at dinner and then bar hopping (even if I had to be DD).

The next weekend (the last weekend in April) my parents came back into town and my lovely neighbors hosted a baby shower for Little Jacob. We went to a paint your own canvas place and had a blast!!! (Yes, we painted wine bottles...if you can't drink it, might as well paint it)
I felt so happy and blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life!!!

The past couple of weekends, I've really just taken the opportunity to rest. It was getting harder and harder to keep up with T all day during the week when I was so far along in my pregnancy, so on the weekends I took the opportunity to catch up on sleep!
This past weekend, we spent Mother's Day having Brunch at our neighbor's Melanie and Jared's house and Ben got me (because I asked) 3 training sessions at the gym for post baby workouts!

Tyler headed back to school this week. He's had a little bit of adjustment issues but nothing too major. He mostly just misses Mommy during the day.
I am truly truly grateful that I've had these past 6 weeks to spend with my amazing little man. I tried to set up everyday as an adventure, and we really became even more attached than we normally are. I'll leave you with some pictures of our time together during "Mommy/Tyler adventure of 2013" and I'll update you in a couple of weeks after Jacob arrives. Pray for us on Monday!!!!

                                                       Bubble bath time at Nana and Poppa's

                                                       Tyler learned to write his own name!!

                                                        Play date with his buddy Maddie!!!

                                                 Tyler likes to eat his ice cream cones upside down

                                            Ice cream truck experience at the park with his bud Dylan!

                                                                          Playdate with Dani!

Library Time with his best bud Jack!!!

                                                                 Superhero dress up time!!!

                                     When Daddy picks out his PJ's he celebrates Christmas in May!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's WAY!!

Hey ya'll! Hope your Easter holiday was wonderful! Our's sure was!!!
Sorry I'm a little late in posting this week but I have Tyler full time now until Baby Jacob's arrival, and finding time to blog ain't as easy as it used to be.

The Thursday before Easter was Tyler's school parade, ice cream party and egg hunt. It was hilarious as usual. Tyler cried when he saw me because he thought I was leaving him when I went outside to get a spot for the he was NOT a happy parade marcher. But he had a great time during the egg hunt!

Friday, Tyler's soccer practice was cancelled but we still went to the fields and kicked the ball around, and then came home and did make your own pizzas.

Saturday, I was up bright and early to go help serve breakfast at the Ronald McDonald house. We went with a group of neighbors and it definitely fed my soul. I love doing stuff like that. I got home just in time to meet up with Tyler and Ben (they went to the gym/playroom) and my parents. Nana and Papa came to visit for Easter and Tyler couldn't have been happier to see them! They also came bearing gifts...way too many Easter gifts to be exact and they spoiled their grandson rotten.
We then headed up the street to World Harvest Church for lunch and Georgia's largest Easter Egg Hunt....which was an utter FAIL!!! It was a zoo (too many kids), was set up all wrong and Tyler was more scared of all the kids than to hunt for eggs.
Plus stupid parents let their kids score grocery bags upon grocery bags of eggs and my kid only got 6.
Never again that's for sure!

After the Egg Hunt we got ready for church.
We opted for Saturday service to avoid the massive crowds and it was a beautiful service.
After wards we headed to Bahama Breeze for dinner and then called it a night. I was wiped out!

Sunday morning, Tyler was SO excited to see what the Easter Bunny brought!
He wanted Spiderman shoes so bad he could taste it, and I'm happy to report that the Easter Bunny came through. He also got a Giant T-Rex, a Lightning McQueen Tshirt, and a Star Wars Figurine set.
Along with a bunch a candy.

We then had a light breakfast with Nana and Papa and started to prep for Sunday Brunch. We had 30 people over at the house for food, crafts and an Easter Egg Hunt. It was a huge success, and a lot of fun memories were made!!!

I hope you all had a blessed Easter Sunday!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The InLaws in Town

What's up everyone? Hope you had a great week!!! The weather here SUCKED this weekend...just in time for Ben's parents to arrive.
We had a a lot of outdoor activities planned which had to be derailed. I'm telling you, if  it rains on Easter Sunday this week (which it's supposed to) when I have 30 ppl over at my house for Easter Brunch, I might have to bust a cap in Al Roker's ass....I digress, let's move on shall we?

Last week I finished up Jacob's nursery (pics to come), and made sure that my neighbor Anna and my mom were both recovering well after major surgeries. Gratefully, everyone came through with flying colors!

Ben's parents arrived on Friday so we were able to take them to Tyler's soccer practice. It gets more and more hilarious every time! After practice we went to the Counter for burgers where Tyler enjoyed watching the videos Grandma took during soccer.

Saturday morning we made a huge breakfast and then the boys went to Lowe's for the kid's workshop. They made bird feeders but they didn't really turn out well at all.
Our bird feeder made a debut in the trash can before the end of the weekend...sorry but the dang thing was falling apart!
Meanwhile, Jan and I went baby shopping!
After everyone got back we had egg dying time and then went to see the Croods at Studio Movie Grill. Tyler loved it, and to tell you the truth, so did I. Such a cute movie!

Saturday night we watched bball and ordered Chinese.
Sunday, the inlaws were heading out after lunch. Tyler had a couple of friends over for playdates and we had an egg hunt in the basement. Around noon we headed into downtown Roswell for lunch and then Ben took Jan and Dwight to the airport. Meanwhile, I met up with Leah and Tyler's BFF Jack at the mall for pics with the Easter Bunny. They came out super cute!!!

Have a great week everyone! It's Hump Day!!! and I have less than 60 days til Baby Jacob's arrival!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Stay at Home Gig

Hey All!
Well I can honestly say that I dig the stay at home thing.
Now granted...Tyler is still in daycare (we have to give two week notice) and I'm not stressed about finding a job since I can't really look for one right that helps things...A LOT!
So, ask me again when I have Tyler full time and am 8.5 months preggers, or right after the baby is born...might not be the same answer. Can I get a hells yeah? It's all about perspective dude...but I am looking forward to some serious Tyler/Mommy bonding time over the next month!!!

Anyways, So this weekend we were supposed to go to Chattanooga for our last family trip as 3 Sullivans, but with the layoff we decided it's best not to spend a ton of extra money if we don't need to...a little thing called a baby is going to be sucking us dry in just a couple of months anyways. So, we decided to stay in town.
Friday night was Tyler's second soccer practice and then we went out with Melanie, Jared and kids to Lucky's for burgers.
Saturday we went to the St. Patrick's Parade in Downtown Atlanta. Tyler loved it! It will definitely be something to do with the kiddos on an annual basis.

After the parade we had Pho for lunch...mmmmmm!
We spent the afternoon in our local park and then had sandwiches for dinner and watched Star Wars until Tyler passed out (again, he's obsessed). Sunday we hung low most of the day which was cool by me. Anything that doesn't require a bra these days gets me excited.  Ben went to watch the Tarheels game at Mike and Roberta's while I was on Tyler duty, then he came back and took Tyler back to the park to practice soccer.
Meanwhile I started my Shepard's Pie from scratch. Ben picked out the recipe but I had no idea how difficult it would be. It looked like a bomb exploded in my kitchen afterwards, but it was well worth the effort. That shiznit was GOOD!!!!

Hope everyone out there had a wonderful holiday weekend! Erin Go Braugh!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Good with the Bad

Hey all! Sorry I've been MIA from the blogger world these past few days.
First...the bad news...I was laid off on Monday.
So now I'm kind of screwed work wise until after Baby Jacob is born (I mean who is going to hire a 7.5 month preggers woman).
I left my old job because of too much travel, but I had no idea what I was getting into when I accepted this job (I'll withhold names but I was a Director of Recruitment at a small healthcare company).  I have to keep details at a minimum while I'm seeking legal counsel, but I'll let you all know the outcome soon enough.

So, Ben and I decided that I will be a stay at home mom for awhile. I'll take Tyler full time until the baby is born and then re-enroll him in school  in May so that I can bond with Jacob and start job searching.

Although it's been upsetting, I'm trying to look on the bright side. Many women would kill to have this precious time with their little ones, and I plan on NOT taking it for granted. Can't wait to play SAHM for a solid few months!
Plus, having a little extra relaxation time (when I'm not chasing around a 3 year old)  before the new baby will be great!

Now onto the good stuff...Our weekend was awesome (especially since I had no idea what was coming on Monday)! Tyler had his first soccer practice on Friday. It was adorable!

After soccer practice, Tyler's sitter came over so that we could go out with one of my besties from college Erin and her new man. We took them out in our neck of the woods. We went to Sip for dinner and then Olde Blind Dog for drinks.
Erin and Mark stayed over so Saturday morning we cooked a huge breakfast and had some play time with Tyler.
At Noon, Erin and Mark headed out and Ben went off to play paint ball with all the neighborhood guys (all the girls got together and gave them a paintball party as a Christmas present...they had a blast).
So, Tyler and I went with our neighbor Kristen and her daughter Kylie to the Children's Museum downtown. The kids had a great time.

Afterwards, we hung out at our neighbor Anna's house while we waited for the menfolk to come back from paintball. The kids jumped on the trampoline and played in the yard while the mom's hung outside and gossiped and snacked!
(PS - not to mention that our neighbor had a playdate over and it was none other than Kordell_Stewart's son...aka Porsha's hubby on RHW of ATL! Say WHHHAATTT??? they live like 5 miles from me...all this time and I had no idea) Don't be jealous! Did I get to meet Kordell...hells yeah. As usual I was star struck and tongue tied. (The only time I ever shut up is when I meet someone famous, I look like a fool just standing there and staring)

Sunday, we ran errands in the morning and then went Bowling with Steph, Pat and Dylan in the afternoon. We ended with dinner at a local restaurant and headed home! It was such a fun weekend!

So to sum take the good with the bad and I have faith that everything will turn out for the better down the line. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers over the next couple of months!
Peace out!!!