Saturday, January 30, 2010


Tyler's first Christmas! (1 week old)
Chillin in my car seat! (5 weeks old)
Hangin with Grandma (5 weeks old)

I love my Papa (3 weeks old)

Nana rocks me to sleep really well! (3 weeks old)

I thought I would catch everyone up on how many visitors we have had since little Tyler was born.
It's definitely been a whirlwind but we are so grateful to have such wonderful friends and family to support us!
Since Tyler's arrival my parents have been to visit 4 times! It's been great having them here and they absolutely love spending time with Tman. This is especially great when Ben and I need to run errands, or just need a little time away.

As you can see from the pic above, Tyler's Christmas was INSANE! I swear my parents bought out the entire baby section of Toys R Us.
Nana and Papa (my parent's official Grandparent names) also came for New Years Eve and babysat while Ben and I went to the local pub to watch the VA Tech game with Steph and Pat.
It was fun but I didn't make it past 9:30...I rang in the New Year sleeping like a log in my bed! Ben stayed at the bar until the end of the Tech game but came home before midnight as well.
My how having a newborn changes you!

Last weekend we had a visit from Ben's parents. They got to meet their grandson for the first time and I could tell they were thrilled. They babysat on Saturday night so that Ben and I could have our first official "date night" since Tyler came into the world.
We went to Ray's Killer Creek Steakhouse and stuffed ourselves, then we headed over to Andretti's Speedway for our friend Chris's bday party.
We had a great date night and were home by 11pm to relieve Ben's parents of baby duty!

We have also had lots of visits from friends Amanda, Melissa, Chris, Jaclyn, Steph O, Pat, Steph S, Roberta, Mike, Anastasia, Andy, Angela, & so many wonderful gifts, cards, and yummy food sent our way!
A huge thanks to everyone...we love you all!

Tyler just passed his six week bday this week, and we couldn't be more thrilled with him. He smiles back at you, tries to talk, can hold his head up, and sleeps for 4-5 hour stretches at night.
We absolutely love him and couldn't ask for a more wonderful little baby.
He's turned our lives upside down but for the better! We LOVE being parents!

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