Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Happenings

I've been delinquent in keeping everyone up to date on the Sullivans for far too long! So many things have been happening and being a stay at home mom has made blogging even more difficult! Tyler is a handful and limits my time to just sit down and write. After our return from Charlotte, I had my interview with Concentra on Tuesday the 18th. Concentra is a very large company recently purchased by Humana that owns Urgent Care/Physical Therapy Clinics across the US. I interviewed for a Field Training Manager and was thrilled to receive the job offer 48 hours after my interview! That was certainly huge news in the Sullivan house! So the rest of the week was spent securing a full time preschool for Tyler. We enrolled him at Primrose School in Alpharetta. Other highlights of our week included playdates with Steph and Dylan and my monthly Book Club. We also had a awesome night Friday when Steph and Pat hosted everyone at their house for game night. Myself, Ben, Steph, Pat, Roberta, Mike, Andy and Angela enjoyed an old fashioned Shrimp Boil and a hilarious game of Balderdash after the boys were tucked in bed for the night. We stayed the night over at Steph and Pat's to make it easier on Tyler and he had a great time the next morning playing with Dylan. We finished the weekend off with some family time!

The next week Tyler had an eventful week. We went to Northpoint Mall with one of his many girlfriends, Bella, to ride the train and carousel. He loved it of course. We also had a great playdate on Friday with Steph and Dylan and Angela came over to hang out too!
Friday night my parents came into town to babysit so that Ben and I could celebrate my new job at our favorite steak restaurant, Bones. The steak literally melts in your mouth!

Saturday, we went to the aquarium where Tyler had the time of his life! He kept saying WHOA everytime he saw a fish...considering we were at an aquarium that was a LOT of WHOA's!!!
Sunday we went to church and Tyler had a playdate with our next door neighbors.

Enjoy the aquarium pics!!! More updates on the new job and Tyler's preschool to come!!!

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  1. Ummm . . . hello???? Your son took his first steps!! You have to write about that!!!!