Tuesday, November 20, 2012

On the Road Again!!!

The past couple of weeks have been fun and exciting around the Sullivan house!
Let's start with Election Day shall we??? It was INSANE!!! I got up butt ass early to get my voting spot and of course it was pouring down rain and the line was long. Luckily, they had it strategically wrapped so that no one had to stand outside. Took me 1hr & 20 min total to vote...not terrible, but I've heard of better. I ended up only being 10 minutes late to work though so that rocked!

Note: While this is my blog, and I can say whatever the hell I want, I won't use this as a forum to discuss who should or should not have won the election. I'm just glad it's over!

That Thursday, Ben took Tyler to our "halfway" meeting spot between ATL and Spartanburg to meet my parents. They took Tyler for the weekend and he had a ball as usual. They also bought him a Spiderman and now he's officially obsessed with superheroes. Specifically all things Spiderman!

Friday after work, Ben and I headed to Columbia to see the Gamecocks play! We met everyone out at the Ale House on Friday night and then were up bright and early on Saturday morning for Tailgating! We crushed Arkansas so it was a great day to be a Gamecock!!! That evening everyone went out, but I was wiped out (being preggers will do that to you). So Ben and I crashed at the hotel and ordered pizza.
Sunday morning, we met my parents at Riverbank Zoo to pick up T. We had a great time! Overall, a great weekend and so glad I got to see my girls!!! Enjoy the pics!!!

This weekend was also a lot of fun! Highlights included a Girls Night out to see the new Twilight (AH-MAZING), Tyler's BFF's bday party (Monkey Joe's and Chick Fil A, what more could a 2 year old want), Buying Tyler's Big Boy Furniture, and trip to the ride the Pink Pig at Macy's in downtown ATL with Steph and Dylan! It's a holiday tradition in Atlanta and a first for Tyler and me!
We finished up the weekend with a massive shopping spree at Kroger to get everything we needed for Thanksgiving! We'll be hosting both of our families on Thursday!
Happy Turkey Day Ya'll!!!

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