Friday, March 26, 2010

Babies, Bdays, and Easter Eggs!

The Family dying Easter Eggs!
Mom, Dad and Tyler!

Mommy, Nana and Tyler!

Henry and Carson playing with Tyler!

Tyler and Henry hanging out and getting to know each other!

This weekend, Ben and I packed in as much as possible!
Last Friday night one of my BFF's, Erin, flew into town for a short visit so that she could meet Tyler!
It was great catching up with Auntie Erin, and Tyler loved her...even if she is a Duke fan :)
Saturday morning we dropped Erin off bright and early at the airport for her flight and hit the road up to Charlotte for Tyler's first Bday party.
Our good friends Matt and Suzie were throwing a birthday party for their twin boys Carson and Henry who were turning 1!
We stopped at Nana and Poppa's on the way up to Charlotte so that Tyler could get out of the car, eat, get changed and play.
Then we ventured up the rest of the way to Charlotte.

We had a great time at the party catching up with Matt & Suzie and Rusty & Kristin! And Tyler got to meet a whole bunch of babies!
The party fun lasted into the late night, with both Ben and I rocking it out at the poker table while Tyler was sound asleep in Henry's crib!

Sunday, we got up early and met my great friend Ethan for brunch.
It was at a DELICIOUS place called Upstream, and we ate WAY too much!
Then we ventured up to Spartanburg so that Tyler could dye his first Easter Eggs at Nana and Poppa's house. I don't think he really knew what was going on but he had fun regardless.
Ben and I arrived home late Sunday and were exhausted!

This week my dad (Poppa) was in town for a work training and spent Monday and Tuesday night with us. This worked out great for us since I had my first overnight trip for work on Tuesday night. Poppa and Ben ordered Pizza on Tuesday night and spent some Quality Time with Tman!

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