Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy 11 Month Birthday Tyler!

Happy 11 month Bday Tyler! I can't believe that in just one month our little Tman will be a year old! Plans for his Winter ONEderland celebration are in full swing! I cannot wait for the party!
Tyler is trying REALLY REALLY hard to walk these days. He's into anything and everything! I'm hoping he'll be taking those first steps by December 18th but if I've learned anything over the past year it's that kids do things when they're ready...not when we're ready.

The past couple of weekends have been a lot of fun. We've stayed here in ATL and done our usual Saturday morning walks to Dunkin Donuts and Waffle Sundays.
The weekend of the 13th I attended Roberta's Bridal Luncheon and we had Steph and Pat over for dinner! We also watched the SC vs. FL game which clenched South Carolina's chance at an SEC Championship for the first forever! I'm so excited for my Gamecocks! Sunday's play date to the zoo was derailed by the pulled muscle in my should have seen Ben, Tyler and I walking into the ER at 6am decked out in our PJ's! But a few muscle relaxers and I was back to business within a day or two.

Last weekend Nana and Papa came to visit so that Ben and I could go see Harry Potter! We tried Studio Movie Grill...a bar, restaurant, movie theater kind of deal. It was neat, and convenient for those of us that don't want to stay up too late (lame I know). We were fed, movie'ed, and in bed by 11. That's what happens when your up at 6am everyday!

Saturday evening we went over to Steph and Pat's for chili. Andy and Angela were also in attendance and it was nice to catch up with them! Tyler had his first ear infection on Saturday though, so we called it an early night.
Sunday Tyler and I went shopping while Daddy watched the Skins play.

Next blog post will be Tyler's first Thanksgiving!!! Happy Turkey Day to us all!!!

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