Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Latest and Greatest!

Hello All! Happy New Year, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Black History Month, etc.

I'm getting really bad about not updating on a regular basis...but life gets in the way a lot of the time! Lots of things have been going on, but we've been able to slow down a bit the past few weeks, which has been nice!
Here are some of the recent highlights:
1. We got a new car!!! Our lease was running up on the Lexus and we found out that we had about $1000 equity in the car, so we traded it in for a Jeep! We love it, along with all of the fun gadgets. I'm addicted to Sirius and Bluetooth already! It looks very similar to the pic I posted above. Red cars are my absolute fave!
2. Tyler's had a couple of episodes of ear infections and croup over the last few weeks, but nothing that triggered a seizure (THANK GOODNESS)
3. Work trips are back in full swing in the new year. I had back to back weekend trips to Charleston in January for an acquisition, along with trips to Nashville, Dallas and Charlotte. So January and February have been rough travel months for me. Right now I'm on hiatus from travel until the end of March. I'm very relieved!
4. Tyler enjoyed a trip to the aquarium with his BFF Dylan and a playdate with his friend Bella on the last weekend in January. I was able to get some great pics of that! Although he doesn't look to thrilled with Bella in the above pic, I assure you that he loves her...he just wanted the crayons to himself :)
5. The weather has been nice this winter, so we've spent some quality time with our neighbors playing outside. We love our new neighborhood along with the friends we've made here! (I think I mention that in every post)
Over the past few weeks we've been very active with our friends on the street attending a Rock Band Party, Super Bowl Party, Oscar Red Carpet Gathering, Birthday parties, pizza nights, and Tarheel game viewings! It's been great and we feel so happily settled!
6. Valentine's was a lot of fun! We made Tyler adorable Valentines to hand out at school and had Pink Belgium Waffles for breakfast. We ended the night with Sushi out as a family!
7. I hosted Book Club in February, that resulted in me kicking everyone out around 1am! Us book club girls know how to party. Give us a night away from the kids and all hell breaks loose!
8. We went to Spartanburg for the weekend of 2/18. Tyler loves his Nana and Papa time and we've managed to see them a good amount over the past few weeks!
9. Finally, Ben's grandmother passed away on 2/16. We aren't able to be in Wales with the family, but have been thinking of them a lot. While she was 94 and really struggling towards the end (so it was a relief that she is out of pain in a lot of ways). We will truly miss such a wonderful lady!

Late February and March are shaping up to be fun and exciting! We have two murder mystery parties and a trip to Charleston for the Cooper River Bridge Run on the books!
As always...I'll keep you posted!!!

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