Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Promise not to ignore you anymore...oh blog of mine!

So yes, I've ignored my blog.
At first it was unintentional...then I realized that I was so behind in posting that maybe my blog would update itself if I wished hard enough. Alas, I refuse to be one of those people that lets their blog absorb into cyberspace, so I promise not to let it happen again.
You may be thinking that I've promised this before...you would be thinking right. But things have happened recently to help me keep this promise this time around!
I'm excited that so many wonderful things have happened this year! I have so much to update you all on...so let's get started. I'll go month by month to get into the details of what's been going on...but here is the biggest announcement:
 I got a NEW JOB!!!! I couldn't be happier to get out of my traveling position at Concentra and be in a role where I don't have to be on the road. I'm so so so happy to be back in recruiting, at a Director Level position and be home at night to tuck my little man into bed. (Hence, why I should be able to keep up with my blog more often) YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here's the latest and greatest in the Sullivan World:


  • Highlights include a Spa Day at Chateau Elan for my good friend Melanie's baby shower, followed by a Murder Mystery Party hosted by our good friends Roberta and Mike on the 3rd! So much fun! 
  • My friend from college Christina came into town for work and I got to head downtown to dinner for a mini college reunion! Good times with both her and Anastasia!
  • St. Pattys was tons of fun with a night out with our neighbors at Sip Wine and Tapas Bar! 
  • I was in Ft.Lauderdale for work over the weekend of the 24th...overall there wasn't anything pleasant about working on the weekend...but it was nice to see the beach! That Sunday when I returned, Ben and I were able to go see the Hunger Games though...AMAZING!!!! 
  • We went to Charleston, SC for the Cooper River Bridge Run! My sister and brother in law came down to help with "Tyler duty" and we got to see Ben's sis since it was her Bachelorette party that same weekend. She even ran the race with us! Also, we went out to dinner with my college buds Jannell and Leah...with kids in tow. It was a lot of fun! 
  • Easter weekend was busy and exciting! Ben's mom came into town and it was Ben's birthday! Ben started off 33 pretty rocky though, with a nasty bout of food poisoning. It sucked for him to puke up that $50 steak from Bones...and he was pretty much out of commission on Easter. So I hosted brunch for 30 neighbors by myself....awesome (insert sarcasm here). But everything was a big success and Tyler had a BLAST hunting eggs. He was so into EVERYTHING this year..the chocolate, the egg hunting, egg dying, Easter Bunny, etc. It was so much fun for me to watch him love every second of it! 
  • I went to Spartanburg the weekend of April 12th so that Ben could host his best friend's Bachelor Party in Atlanta. The boys had a great time...or so I've been told :)
  • I was in Park City Utah for work for a couple of days. It was awesome being out west for a little bit but it was a quick trip and I was happy to come home! Especially knowing that it would be my last work trip!!!! 
  • Our friends Steph and Pat hosted a Balderdash night with our friends Roberta and Mike and Andy and Angela! We had a blast! I can't wait to do it again soon! 
  • Ben and I had a date night at Sugo restaurant where we learned to make their famous meatballs. It was a lot of fun and I ate way too much!
  • On 4/26 we headed up to DC for Ben's sister's wedding. Ben was a groomsman, I was a reader and Tyler was a ring bearer. My parents even came up too! Tyler did such a great job and I was so proud of him! Not to mention that Kate and Matt looked gorgeous and so in love too! It was a great weekend and we were so happy to see family! I was also able to get in some time with my DC Girls Sara, Christine and Jacqueline at Tyson's Mall. It was so great seeing all of their adorable babies!!! :) 
  • The first weekend in May, Ben and I headed to Tulsa, OK for Ben's best friend's wedding. Ryan and Megan had a gorgeous wedding and Ben's best man speech was a hit! Tyler stayed with Nana and Papa for the weekend and had a ball as usual.
  • I started my new job on May 7th! It was an adjustment to go from a big company to a small company but so far I really like all of the people here! 
  • My mom came into Atlanta on 5/10 with her students for a field trip to the Georgia aquarium. It was my mom's last field trip with her students, as she officially retired this year, so I was happy to take Tyler down for the day to see her and her special needs group. We had a great time and Tyler was exhausted! 
  • Mother's Day was a lot of fun. We went to brunch with our friends Melanie and Jared (plus kids), I got to get my nails done, and I got an avocado tree as a gift (don't laugh...I asked for one since Tyler loves guacamole) then in the afternoon we planted  it as a family :) 
  • Our neighborhood pool opened on the 18th and we went to the pool opening party, followed by bbq and more pool time with our friends Steph and Pat on the 19th. We ended the weekend hanging with our old neighbors Melanie and Jared and grilling out on Sunday! 
  • Memorial Day weekend, we spent in Charlotte with for a UNC Business school reunion. We were able to spend Saturday without kids on Lake Norman (thanks Nana and Papa for taking Tyler duty), followed by a family fun bbq on Sunday! Such a fun weekend!
So far the first weekend in June was a great one which included a 1st birthday party for Meredith Manders (Andy and Angela's little cutie pie), a concert at Riverside park with all of our friends and neighbors, and fun times at the neighborhood pool!

We have packed away our traveling gear for awhile...ready to stay at home for the summer and really slow down a bit! But as always...I'll keep you posted :)
Enjoy the pics! 
Ryan's Wedding Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend in Charlotte!

Cooper River Bridge Run! 

Kate's Wedding Weekend! 

St Patty's Neighbor Night Out!

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Easter Weekend! 


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