Friday, November 7, 2008

History in the Making & Country Roots!

Tuesday night was definitely a historical night!!! Regardless of your political affiliation, it was one of those nights you'll remember forever...someday Ben and I will be telling our kids, "I remember where I was the night that the first African American was elected as President".
A very similar statement to what my parents say now with "I remember where I was when the first man walked on the moon" or my dad's favorite "I remember where I was when the Beatles played on the Ed Sullivan Show!"
Ben and I invited Steph and Pat over for wine and some good political debate (Especially since Steph and Pat were Obama supporters and Ben and I were for McCain) as the election results came in.
Unfortunately, I had HR class that night too. I was SURE that our teacher would let us out early but NO such luck. My teacher kept us there until 9pm teaching about Unions and Employee Relations...yuck!
But as soon as class was out, I raced home to hang out with everyone.
We ended up staying up late and watching the results roll in!

Wednesday night was also a very fun night! The girls got together for our monthly book club meeting. Kim hosted the party this time. We had a lot of fun discussing "Marley & Me" and we even decided to go watch the movie together as a group when it opens over the holidays.
Since we picked December's book already, we decided to go ahead and decide on January's book. We picked "Friday Night Knitting Club" by Kate Jacobs.
I'm excited to read it!

Thursday morning I was up early at 5am to hit the road for Albany, GA. I was headed down there to visit the plasma center and conduct a lot of interviews.
But man oh man was I in for a surprise. I decided not to drive my car down to Albany. Bertha the Corolla is quickly approaching the 100K mark and I want to keep her around as long as I can.
When I arrived at Enterprise on Wednesday night to pick up my rental, they said that the travel agent had put in the wrong date for my reservation. I was a little annoyed but they told me that it wasn't a big deal. They could still rent me a car, but unfortunately they only had one car left.
They took me outside and introduced me to my new ride...the Mitsubishi Raider....that's right...a Pick up truck.
My reaction..."Well I'm headed out to the farmlands of Albany, GA anyway...I might as well fit in". Ben definitely got a good laugh out of it when I pulled up in the driveway on Wednesday night.
So yesterday was quite the adventure driving 3 hours to and from Albany in a pick up truck. I definitely got some funny stares!!!!
Oh well, the Raider is headed back to Enterprise today...but I will miss our fun times together riding through the country!

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