Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Whirlwind Week

Caroline, Pat and Steph at Stats!
Melissa, Ben and Chris at Stats!

Florida vs. South Carolina!
Jenni, Me, Erin, and Anastasia at Stats

Chesare, Bobby, me and Sylvia doing a bday shot on Thursday night!

Chesare, Me, and Sylvia breaking it down at the club! much to update on!!

My last blog update I went to Jacksonville and Tallulah I'll just pick up where I left off!
Last Wednesday night I headed to North Carolina for work for a few days! The best part of all was that it was Chesare's birthday. She is one of my favorite coworkers EVER so I was glad I got to spend her special day with her.

Wednesday night she came over to my hotel and we hung out at the bar for a little bit.

Thursday was a crazy day at work and then Thursday night we hit downtown Raleigh for some Bday celebration!!! Chesare, Sylvia, Bobby, and I started out at Sushi Blues (probably my favorite restaurant in the world) and then we headed to the Blue Martini, we ended up at a couple of other bars and then at a nightclub called the Office. It was definitely a crazy night!!!

Friday I jetted home to ATL but my flight was delayed due to fog so I didn't get home til 1am! Man was I exhausted and glad to be home with my hubby!

Saturday, I got up and dressed and headed back to the airport to pick up Erin. She had to be in ATL for work for a few days so she flew in early to come hang with me and Anastasia! As soon as I picked her up we went to STATS Sports bar. I had made a reservation at one of their tap tables (yes they are one of only two bars in the US that allows you to pour your own beer) to watch the South Carolina vs. Florida game. A bunch of our friends came out too and we had a blast! What started as a table of 12 quickly became a table of 18!!

But a great time was had by all regardless of the fact that Florida absolutely killed us!!!

Sunday was a lazy day for Erin, Ben and I. We vegged out for most of the day, ordered Chinese for dinner and watched the Redskins vs. Cowboys game. Again...another disappointing loss for my team. It was heartbreaking to watch the skins lose!
So, another fun filled weekend was behind me!

This week has been very busy as well. I've been studying like a mad demon for my final in my HR class. The final was last night and man was it tough! But now the class is over...YAY!!!

After my test I headed to Cinco Mexican restaurant to meet up with Ben and some of his coworkers. Happy Hour turned into Happy Midnight! But it was so much fun!
Thursday and Friday I'm off to Little Rock for work but another exciting weekend is in store for us!!!

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