Friday, July 17, 2009

Tyler Davis Sullivan!!!

No pictures please...notice he has his little hands covering his face!
3D pics!

A cute little foot!
The "money shot" that said there was a little boy in there!
Profile Pics!!!
Ben and I are so excited to introduce the world to Tyler Davis Sullivan!!!
We arrived at the Doctor's on Wednesday morning at 8am where they did my usual check up stuff! Then they called Ben back into the Ultrasound room while they took a million pictures of the baby! We told the Ultrasound Tech that we definitely wanted to know the sex of the baby if she could find out for us!
Well, I had been told by a number of people that I should drink a little bit of caffeine and eat something sweet before my ultrasound because the baby would be more active due to the sugar and caffeine rush. So on the way to the doctor's I scarfed down some Teddy Grahams and drank half of a Diet Dr. Pepper. That must have done the trick because the Ultrasound tech said that the baby was "all over the place" and it was hard to get a picture.
Naturally I was concerned but she said not to worry...I didn't do anything to harm the baby, but maybe I should stop listening to old wives' tales!
After taking a ton of pics of the head and heart, she made her way down to the thighbone...I knew the moment was coming so I grabbed Ben's hand.
Suddenly I heard the Tech say, "OH...well it's a boy"
Of course, Ben and I were in SHOCK because we both thought it was a girl for sure! (Mother's intuition be damned)
But we both have always wanted a boy so of course we were ecstatic!!!
We called both our parents first to share the news (I think my mom has already bought out the Boys clothes section at Target in just two days time), then I called a few friends, and then of course the coveted Facebook Announcement!
It was truly one of the most exciting moments of my life and I had a "perma-grin" all day!!!
We are thrilled to be having little Tyler and cannot WAIT to meet him in December!!!

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  1. Congratulations and I cannot wait to meet Tyler Davis!