Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rusty's first Pho Experience, Birthdays and Babies R Us!!!

The girls at Midtown Bowling! Happy Bday Missy!

Rusty "pretending" that the Pho didn't sit well!

But in reality he LOVED it!


Rusty giving the menu the once over! So many Pho Choices!

Pho and Com...our favorite place!!! (Yes it's actually called Pho & Com)

Last Tuesday we got a visit from our great friend Rusty from Charlotte! Rusty and Ben went to Grad School together and I just adore Rusty to pieces! Rusty was in town for work so he joined Ben for dinner Tuesday night. I got home from my Minneapolis trip late Tuesday night and was greeted by Ben and Rusty! Ben didn't really know where to take Rusty for dinner or Tuesday night so I suggested that he treat him to his first Pho experience. I was just sad that I wasn't there to witness his face of awe when he tasted it's deliciousness. Ben and Rusty treated me to a picture slide show of their venture when I got home (see pics above)...and also proceeded to convince this poor naive pregnant girl that Rusty had gotten sick from too much Pho! (Again, the pic above is a fake...sorry if it's TMI for some people but I felt I had to post it so that Rusty and Ben could bask in their glory of pulling one over on me) Anyways, we hung out til about 11 when I was ready to pass out! Thanks Rusty for coming to pay us a visit! I can't wait to take you to Pho one day myself!

The past couple of weeks have been insane at work, as I've picked up an additional project of interviewing Pharm Sales reps in Downtown Atlanta! It's a three week long project and man will I be glad when it's over! I've learned a lot but it's definitely draining!
So Wednesday I was downtown all day but Thursday and Friday I played catch up from home for being out of the office all week!

Friday evening Ben and I went for a long walk in Roswell Park and then back to Pho (all that talk of Pho caused me to have a craving)! Then it was off to Babies R Us to register! What a daunting task that is! I can't begin to tell you how overwhelmed I was! I had no idea what some of the stuff was that I was supposed to be registering for! Luckily I had my Baby Bargain book in hand (thanks to my girl Jackie D) and could easily tell which product was safest for my $$!

Saturday Ben and I went on another walk on Riverside Trail! I had no idea that there was a Farmer's Market right on the trail and a water play area for little kids. It was so adorable! Ben and I stopped and grabbed a bunch of fresh veggies and spices. We can't wait to take Tyler back there to play in the fountains when he's old enough!

Saturday night was a fun night celebrating Melissa's Bday. Everyone met up at El Taco downtown for dinner (such a cute restaurant and so yum) and then went to bowl! That's right...I bowled for two weeks in a row. I seriously don't remember the last time I bowled two weekends in a row...maybe high school?....maybe never???
Anyways, we had a great time! I didn't beat my 137 from the previous week but I hit 120...again, not too shabby!

It was a great weekend! Ben & I rested Sunday. I had to gear up for another 3 days of interviews downtown and my trip to Arizona this week for work! Ben is also headed out of town next weekend to visit his Best Bud Ryan in Oklahoma. I'm looking forward to my work trip as well as I'll get to see one of my BFF's from College Melissa when I'm out there!!!
Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Where was my bday shout out and dinner fun in this post?!? LOL..J/K!!