Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Bday!!!

Today marks a very special occasion...Okay, well a very special occasion for me that is! Today I turn 30 years old!!! Happy Birthday to me!!!

I'm very excited about this new milestone, yet it freaks me out at the same time.
I always knew I would turn 30 and I always knew I would be a mom, but to have them happen at the same time is unbelievable! I can't believe that so much has changed in the past couple of years. Marriage, kids, and now my 30's!

I know that things will only get better from here! As Ben told me last night, "Every day of my 30's with you has been better than any day of my 20's!"...AWWW How sweet right? Yeah, I have a great hubby :)

So, while I look at this day as a huge milestone, I can't help reminiscing a little bit about the past 30 years!

Here's a few shout outs:
1. I had the greatest family growing up! I have such great memories of having "the cool parents" and of being spoiled to death by my amazing grandparents! How many kids do you know that grew up on the same street as BOTH sets of grandparents? The bond I formed with my parents and grandparents was life changing and something I hope to share with my son!

2. High school was so fun and I met two of my best friends in the world! Proms, beach trips, Movie marathon Sundays, & Band competitions (keep your dork comments to yourself) are things I'll forever share with Johanna and Ethan!

3. College...oh College how I LOVED thee!!! Seriously, those 4 years were some of the best! The friends I made and the stories I collected are ones that I wouldn't trade for all the money in the world! CMFB's forever! I'm still just as tight with my girls from college as I was 8 years ago! (Wow did I say 8 years)

4. DC...The 4 years I spent in DC were just like a continuation of college. From living with 4 of my best friends in a huge house in Arlington (Troy St. forever...love all my Troy st. ladies), to learning how to play kickball, to meeting a ton of amazing friends!
Another extraordinary thing happened in DC too! I happened to meet a cute guy in a bar one night and simply asked if I could make out with him! Here's to falling completely in love with said guy and realizing that I had finally met "the one"!

5. UNC - The year I spent at UNC while Ben finished his MBA was so much fun! We met a ton of great friends, Ben and I got engaged, and I secured a job that I love and hope to have as a long lasting career!

6. ATL - Living in Atlanta has been all I hoped it would be and more! Ben and I got married, started a family and met so many wonderful friends!!! It's been so great, and I couldn't have picked a better man to share my life with!

Looking back, it's amazing how quickly you weed out the bad memories and concentrate solely on the good! I can remember a handful of bad things that happened a long the way, but the list of fun and wonderful memories would take another 30 years to tell!

Here's to 30 more!

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  1. You will forever be the amazing blond baby who ran around and around the dinner table when we were eating w/ your Mom and Dad - here's to you, our amazing god-daughter! 30 is just one number different from 3!