Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend with the Rents!

Ben, Mom and Dad at the Vortex

Ben, Kristen, Mom and Dad with the Whale Shark at the Aquarium!

Stone Mountain...before the rain storm

Our picnic was put on hold...

This weekend Ben and I stayed in Atlanta and welcomed my parents into town! We had a blast with them!

Mom and Dad arrived right around 5pm on Friday and after catching up for a bit, we headed downtown to the Vortex in the Little Five Points area. The Vortex is known for it's amazing burgers, and since Ben and I had yet to try them... we thought that taking my parents would be the perfect start to the weekend.
I have to say that the burgers are amazing and the onion rings are SO YUM!!!!
After dinner, we headed over to the GA Aquarium. Every Friday evening during the summer they do a "Jazz at the Aquarium" event. It was great. They serve drinks and play music as you walk around the aquarium. It's the same price as a regular admission ticket but since we were at the aquarium from 8pm - 10pm we didn't have to deal with all the screaming kids and tourists with body odor...so it was great! We had a good time. (See pics above)
Saturday morning we woke up and headed to Marietta for lunch.
Ben and I are big fans of the show Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives, and there was a restaurant in Marietta called the Marietta Diner that was featured on the show.
We went there for lunch and had a great meal. We all ended up getting Gyros!!!
Then we headed to Dave and Busters for an afternoon of gaming!!
After our run at Dave and Busters, we stopped back by the Marietta Diner to pick up some slices of cake for dinner....they looked SO amazing we decided to sacrifice dinner in lieu of some dessert!
We came back to our house...packed up the picnic dinner of crackers, cheese, cake, and wine, and headed to Stone Mountain for the laser show.
Our picnic was nice but we got SOAKED during a rain shower! We decided to make the most of it, so when the rain cleared Ben and I headed to the gift shop for some towels.
The laser show started at 9:30pm but due to the humidity the clarity of the laser show wasn't very good. But the fireworks were great!
Mom and Dad left on Sunday morning after a breakfast of Belgain waffles!
We had a great weekend!!!

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  1. i'm actually interested in going to stone mountain now! looks like y'all had fun :)