Monday, February 16, 2009

Love is in the Air.... Everywhere you Look Around!!!

Very cute movie!!!
Pat and Ben goofing around with "blue balls" at the bowling alley!

Steph and I striking a "Staying Alive" pose during Cosmic Bowling!!!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!!! I hope you all got lots of roses, chocolate, and cards expressing undying love! I received a luxury bathrobe and cute card from my hubby so I was a very happy wife indeed!!!
Here's a recap of our fun Vday weekend....

Friday night we went out to eat with Ben's coworker Chris and his wife Megan. We headed to Sugo in downtown Roswell. Ben and I have eaten there a couple of times and we absolutely love it! The meal was SO incredibly delicious and Chris and Megan loved it as well!! We actually can't wait to go back! I think it's a great place to take anyone that likes Italian food. The atmosphere is so quaint and intimate, the food is obviously excellent, and they have a great wine list too!

After dinner we ventured to the the Roswell Bowling Lanes where we met up with Steph and Pat! The six of us had a great time bowling and sharing some brews!!!
Some night I want to go back to the dingy little bar inside the bowling alley and do a little karaoke!
I think it would be hilarious to get up there and do a little Brittney Spears for all the beer guzzling, mullet sporting rednecks... BRING IT!!!
After bowling we said goodbye to Chris and Megan and headed to Mazzy's with Steph and Pat to play darts. Mazzy's is quickly becoming one of my favorite Roswell bars! It's so much fun!!!
We played until the bar closed and headed home at much for a relaxing Friday evening! :)

Saturday I vegged in front of the TV and watched a bunch of cheesy chick flicks (my Valentine's present to myself..haha)! The Oxygen channel was showing Can't Buy Me Love and Love Actually...and I was glued!
Later we got ready for our Valentine's dinner date night at Bone's Steakhouse! The dinner was out of this world. Ben and I had been to Bone's last year to celebrate Ben's birthday and I couldn't wait to go back. The service is incredible and the steak literally melts in your mouth!!!
After dinner, Ben sweet talked his way out of seeing He's Just Not that into You. We compromised on watching a scary movie at home. We snuggled by the fire and watched Lakeview Terrace which was horrible ...blah!

Sunday I was up early and out the door to go meet Amanda. We had a date planned for lunch and a movie.
We went to Dunwoody Tavern where we drank some wine and chatted over lunch outside. It was a beautiful day so we wanted to take advantage of it!
Then we headed to mall where indulged ourselves in a little shopping spree....we wanted to get ourselves in the mood to see Confessions of a Shopaholic! The movie was adorable. I really really liked it! Definitely gets my nomination for a cute, fun chic flick!!!

Hope everyone else had a great Valentine's Weekend! And Happy Presidents Day!!!

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