Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Update!

After our Twisted Taco bull riding excursion on Thursday, Ben and I decided that Friday evening would be spent in "recovery mode". We spent our Friday night just watching movies by the fire. It was great!
We watched Burn After Reading which I would give a rating of just...okay. I wasn't blown away by it but there were definitely some interesting moments and some really funny characters.

Saturday I went to the park to prep for my half marathon. 60 days and counting until the ING!!! I was SO proud of myself because I made it 9 miles! That is the longest I've ever run before...EVER! WOOHOOO!!!
Saturday night I needed to rest my legs, so Ben and I went to see Slumdog Millionaire which was really awesome!!! I don't know if I would list it as "Best Motion Picture of the Year Winner" but it definitely deserves the nomination. The movie is so inspiring and makes you realize how truly blessed we all are!
After the movie, we grabbed dinner at Figo Pasta. That definitely made for an interesting experience. You order at the front counter so it kind of has zero atmosphere...but the food was good...but not the best! Definitely not worthy of my "Best Pasta Meal EVER" award. I'll keep that one in my back pocket for another date night.

Sunday was a lazy morning spent catching up on chores and DVR. After a quick trip to the gym to burn off some of the calories we knew we would be consuming later, we went over to Steph and Pat's for their Superbowl/Pat's 30th Birthday party! We had a really great time!
Lots of beer and food and football...doesn't get much better than that!
Ben and I didn't win on Superbowl Squares but Ben did win with his bet on the Cardinals. The spread was 7.5 points so Ben walked away with a nice little chuck of change!!! Good job babe!
I have to say I'm not usually one to support regular sports gambling unless you are in Vegas...but Ben has made a very nice profit this season! His winnings paid for our new surround sound system, and the rest is going towards our Valentine's dinner at Bones Steakhouse. As long as he keeps walking away in the green then I say GO FOR IT BEN!!!! Hopefully he will have the same luck with March Madness!!!
Hope everyone else had fun celebrating Super Bowl Sunday!

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