Monday, March 2, 2009

Fat Tuesday, Freezing Fargo, and Ice Hockey!!!

Hockey time!!!
Yes, Fargo really does look like this!

Me and my Pops!

Parish...New Orleans Cuisine!

A lot has been going on in the Sullivan house over the last week!
Last Tuesday night my dad came into town for a work conference and spent the night with us.
To celebrate Fat Tuesday we went to Parish in Midtown Atlanta.
Apparently their gumbo is fantastic! Both Ben and my dad gave it two thumbs up.
The rest of the food I gave an okay rating and the atmosphere was a bit odd. I don't think I'll be visiting that restaurant again unless it's to pick up a "gumbo to go!"
On the plus side?? We got lots of Mardi Gras beads! And keep your dirty thoughts to yourselves people...the beads were "given away" NOT "earned."
Wednesday I was on a flight to Fargo, ND for work and was there until Friday. What normally would have been a boring work trip ended up being a lot of fun because I got to spend some time with Ben's family.
Ben's Uncle David picked me up from the airport and we went to visit Ben's Grandma before meeting the rest of the family at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. After dinner, we headed to the local bar Chumley's for some drinks.
The next evening after work, I met up with the family at Ben's Aunt Sonya's house for a good old fashioned Fish Fry. I ate fried Walleye (a fresh water fish) and it was DELICIOUS!!!
Good times were had all around.
Friday my flight was delayed due to weather and I didn't make it home until midnight. I passed out as soon as I walked in the house! I was literally exhausted!
Saturday morning Ben and I were supposed to wake up bright and early to help Amanda move to her new apartment, but I accidentally slept through my alarm clock and we didn't arrive until 11:30am. Just in time to miss the heavy lifting...ha ha!
The gang all decided to go to Taco Mac for lunch and then we headed back to Amanda's to assemble some furniture and sip Mimosas!
Ben and I caught the Marta around 5pm and headed downtown to meet up with Yosh and Silvia for the Thrashers Hockey game. Although I'm not a hockey fan, I had a great time! It was awesome catching up with Yosh and Silvia and we got a chance to meet some of their friends!
It was a great Saturday!
Sunday, after our little snow storm, Ben went back downtown for an Atlanta Hawks game with Pat and I ordered Chinese and watched Sense and Sensibility with Steph!
A very fun week/weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a busy week for sure, but all fun times! Sorry I missed you and Ben at Amanda's and all the festivities that followed...I was there early for the heavy lifting and then missed all the FUN! UGH! Oh well :-)