Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Stay at Home Gig

Hey All!
Well I can honestly say that I dig the stay at home thing.
Now granted...Tyler is still in daycare (we have to give two week notice) and I'm not stressed about finding a job since I can't really look for one right that helps things...A LOT!
So, ask me again when I have Tyler full time and am 8.5 months preggers, or right after the baby is born...might not be the same answer. Can I get a hells yeah? It's all about perspective dude...but I am looking forward to some serious Tyler/Mommy bonding time over the next month!!!

Anyways, So this weekend we were supposed to go to Chattanooga for our last family trip as 3 Sullivans, but with the layoff we decided it's best not to spend a ton of extra money if we don't need to...a little thing called a baby is going to be sucking us dry in just a couple of months anyways. So, we decided to stay in town.
Friday night was Tyler's second soccer practice and then we went out with Melanie, Jared and kids to Lucky's for burgers.
Saturday we went to the St. Patrick's Parade in Downtown Atlanta. Tyler loved it! It will definitely be something to do with the kiddos on an annual basis.

After the parade we had Pho for lunch...mmmmmm!
We spent the afternoon in our local park and then had sandwiches for dinner and watched Star Wars until Tyler passed out (again, he's obsessed). Sunday we hung low most of the day which was cool by me. Anything that doesn't require a bra these days gets me excited.  Ben went to watch the Tarheels game at Mike and Roberta's while I was on Tyler duty, then he came back and took Tyler back to the park to practice soccer.
Meanwhile I started my Shepard's Pie from scratch. Ben picked out the recipe but I had no idea how difficult it would be. It looked like a bomb exploded in my kitchen afterwards, but it was well worth the effort. That shiznit was GOOD!!!!

Hope everyone out there had a wonderful holiday weekend! Erin Go Braugh!!!

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