Tuesday, June 24, 2008

When Life Hands You Lemons....

Chesare, Sylvia, Kristen
Chesare and Amanda
Kristen and Sylvia
Rob and Steph
Kim and Will

Unfortuante weather didn't stop my friends from having an absolute blast this weekend...
My motto is..."When life hands you lemons, make lemonade"....Luckily, we had just enough vodka on hand to spike it!!!

Two of my coworkers came into town on Friday night and we decided to give Atlanta a run for it's money for the next two days!!!

Our great friends Steph and Pat came over for some burgers after work. Ben grilled out and we had wine and just chilled out on the our deck. Around 9pm Chesare and Sylvia (my coworkers) arrived!
We all laughed and talked out on the patio until midnight....drunken shenanigans continued until late night!

Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to "Shoot the Hooch". For those of you that don't know what that is....it's tubing down the Chattahooche "Lazy River" style.

We were all set to go. We went to Azalea Park and put down our money for the tubes...and had coolers stocked with plenty of beer! The group of 11 was just about to hop on the shuttle when...BOOM....a big bolt of lightning, followed by a crash of thunder came out of the sky.
At this point, we got our money back and decided that being on a river during a thunderstorm was not the best idea.

The group then moved back to our house and played drinking games until the sun came out.
At that point we headed over to Steph and Pat's pool for the afternoon.

Later that night I took Sylvia and Chesare to a party downtown. But just like Ben (who was pooped and opted out of the late night party) I think the sun and the beer got the best of us...we ended up not staying too long and just going to Taco Mac for some yum food.

We were in bed pretty early that night! The full day of fun wore us down!
Sunday the girls got on the road early so that they could get back to NC by dinner time!

I went on a 3 mile hike with Steph around Roswell Park and later joined her and Amanda by the pool before I headed to Greenville for work on Monday!

I was able to get to Greenville/Spartanburg by 6:30pm...just in time to have dinner with my folks! We had chicken, butter beans, cous cous, and cornbread. It was delicious!

Thanks Mom and Dad for hosting your daughter on Sunday night.

and Thanks to Chesare and Sylvia for making the trek to ATL!!!


  1. Kristen - Sylvia and I had a blast! Your friends were crazy fun and so nice, JUST LIKE YOU! We will be back in July to "Shoot the Hooch." You and Ben are the best! Love ya. mean it!

  2. No pictures of the Benny Boo from this last weekend???? WFT!!!!! This blog needs more pictures of the BOO!