Monday, January 26, 2009

East and West Coast Trips!

Garlic Ice Cream at the Stinking Rose
Garlic Appetizer at the Stinking Rose
Last week Ben and I both had busy weeks...on completely opposite sides of the country!
Ben went to San Francisco to meet his new boss and get his feet wet in his new role with Bank of America!
He had a great time but I was SUPER jealous when I found out that he went to the Stinking Rose for dinner on Thursday night! I went to San Francisco for a work trip back in 2002 and ever since then I've wanted to go to back just to try the Stinking Rose!
This restaurant makes everything on the menu with garlic. Ben had a very good meal and said he can't wait to go back to San Fran with me some day and take me there! However, he said that if we do go back we will NOT get the garlic ice cream! Apparently, it is disgusting! You would think that if they had something on the menu like Garlic Ice cream they would try to make it their specialty!!! But I guess it tastes just as bad as it sounds!
In his brief trip he got to see Fisherman's Wharf and the Golden Gate bridge! We'll both have to go back someday and spend some quality time there! Maybe a trip to Napa too! It will definitely be on the "Ben & Kristen Trip Calendar" in the next few years!
While Ben was getting his fill of fun in San Fran, I flew to Raleigh for work.
They had some snow that week that made it a little difficult to get around. Snow and Southern states just don't mix very well.
I wish I had been there longer so that I could have hung with my bff Johanna but unfortunately I was in on Wed and out on Thursday.
After work on Wednesday night I went to the Carolina Ale House to meet my fave coworkers Chesare and Sylvia for dinner! After dinner, we headed back to Sylvia's house. It ended up being a slumber party at Sylvia's that night and it was a great time!!!! We spent a lot of time just goofing around while watching American Idol and the Tarheel basketball game!
Sylvia and Chesare particularly liked my rendition of C+C Music Factory's "Gonna Make You Sweat" (Everybody Dance Now). Want more details? You'll have to ask them!
Thursday evening I headed back to Atlanta and went to book club where we discussed Friday Night Knitting Club. Our February book is A Thousand Splendid Suns. I've already finished that book as well. Both are MUST reads!
Friday it was off to Minneapolis for the Sullivan Family Reunion...see my post below!!! It was a great time!

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