Monday, October 13, 2008

The Sullivan Clan takes on Atlanta!

Kristen with a HUGE Frog statue at the Botanical Garden...they are my fave animal...
I couldn't resist!
Dwight and Jan at Chateau Elan!
Ben and Kristen and Chateau Elan!
Dwight and Jan posing with one of the many Halloween exhibits at the Botanical Gardens!
Kristen and Ben and the Botanical Gardens!
Jan posing with a dinosaur statue at the Botanical Gardens

This weekend Ben's parents flew in for a visit! Ben and I were excited to take them around and show them all the cool things about Atlanta!

Jan and Dwight arrived Friday evening around 6pm and Ben and I picked them up from the airport. Then we headed straight downtown to dinner at Tamarind Seed. Ben and I had tried this place on one of our date nights, and knew we had to go back! After dinner we went next door to Shout and hit up the rooftop bar again! (also a repeat of a previous date night). We had a round of drinks there and then decided to head back home.
Once we got home we chowed down on some cookies I made earlier that day and shared some more wine! Then we hit the sack!

Saturday morning we woke up early. I cooked eggs and crumpets (British food for my British Mother-in-law) and then we headed to Chateau Elan for the winery tour.
Chateau Elan is located about an hour out of the city. It was really beautiful!!!
We got to tour the winery with a precious Australian tour guide and then there was a wine tasting afterwards!
After the wine tasting we purchased a few bottles of wine and then set off to the local Irish Pub for lunch!
After lunch we headed back home for a quick change of clothes, then it was back downtown to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens!

It was Jan's request that we go to the Gardens...I have to admit I didn't even know the place existed. But it really was a beautiful garden and we had a great time touring! I highly recommend it if you are looking for something fun to do in ATL.
After the Botanical Gardens we headed over to the top of the Westin for some cocktails!
The top of the Westin is SO cool!!! It's a revolving restaurant/bar and is really the best view of the city!
After a round of drinks and checking out the views, we headed to STATS (very cool sports bar)for dinner.
After dinner, we came home and CRASHED! That day wore us all out!

Sunday, I cooked belgian waffles and sausage for everyone and then Ben took the parents to the airport!
It was an exhausting weekend but a whole lot of fun!!!
PS- Congrats to my friends Jacqueline, Todd and Christine for running in the Baltimore Half Marathon!!! Good work guys and Congrats!!!

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  1. My parents just went to a wedding at the Chateau Elan! Gorgeous!!!