Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Viva Las Vegas...Viva Las Vegas!

KA at the MGM Grand! Such a good show!
Ben with a Blue Man Statue
Outside our hotel! Loved the MGM!
Me and Kera in the See through pool at the Mirage!
Me and Ben at the Mirage Pool!

We are back...and Vegas was a blast!
Here's the short recap of the weekend! Ben and I left around 5pm on Friday and got into Vegas at 7pm (gotta love the time change)! We checked in to the MGM Grand and then grabbed dinner at the a Thai/Sushi Bar in the casino! Then it was off to the room to change and get ready for the night. We headed over to the Wynn to meet up with Kera and her dad. Mr. Khalil was in town for an optical convention and Kera was there to help!
We played a lot of slots and kept getting free drinks!
Ben's favorite part of the night???...watching Papa Sam give me the "evil eye" every time he won! He kept saying "Kristen I only won a DOLLAR...geez!!!"
But what can I say??...every time the machine lights up I just start screaming. I can't help it! hahaha! Anyways, the night ended around 1am!

Saturday, we slept in and then went to ESPN Zone at New York New York Casino to watch some football. We got a booth after about a 30 min wait and had SO much fun! The booths at the ESPN Zone come with their own TV and surround sound! We were able to catch the last half of the South Carolina game and all I can say is GO COCKS! We ended up killing Ole Miss and I won $30!!! After the game (and 3 giant beers) we headed to the pool at the MGM! We were able to get in a couple hours of sun which was great! Oh and FYI.... MGM Pina Colada's are pretty darn delicious!
Saturday night Ben and I went to Del Frisco's Steakhouse for dinner! Ben had been dying to take me there since he went on a work trip about a year ago. The dinner was amazing! Ben had onion rings as his appetizer and I had a salad. For dinner, Ben had the Filet and I had the Surf and Turf! Can anyone say Lobster Tail??? MMMMmmm... We also shared the mashed potatoes that were So Yum! For dessert they brought out a piece of lemon cake with a candle! After dinner we went back to the MGM to catch Cirque De Soleil's KA! Such a good show!

Sunday we were up early and then did a little sports book hopping. We started out at Caesar's to watch the Skins game...but this old man behind me (clearly a Gambler-a-holic) kept falling asleep and snoring so loudly that I couldn't hear anything. So then we went to the Mirage Sports Book to catch the rest of the game. There we found some chairs and some beer...and cheered the Redskins on to victory! Ben and I were SO excited that the Skins won! We were wearing our jerseys all day so people kept stopping us to congratulate our win! It was as if I was out on the field beside Jason Campbell tellling him what to do! hahaha!

After the game we met up with Kera at the Mirage pool. On Sundays they have a pool party called Bare. It's a european syle pool party...so...if you get my drift...there were boobies everywhere! Kera and I refrained from the topless sunning but NO VIP restrictions would stop us from getting in one of the coolest pools I've ever seen (see pics above)! Anyways, after a LOT of drinks we headed to the Venetian for dinner. Erin's gift card from Ebrands restaurant came in such handy! We ate at http://www.canonita.net/ Taqueria Canonita which was excellent! Seriously some of the best guacamole I've ever had!
Dinner finished up and we said goodbye to Kera.

Ben and I then headed back to the MGM for our last night of gambling. I ended up winning $200 in Roulette...so it was definitely a fun night for me! Ben entered a poker tournament and didn't fair as well unfortunately.
Lucky for us we still walked away from the weekend in the Green!

Monday morning (my bday morning) Ben and I had room service for breakfast and then took a walk down the strip. We ended at the Palazzo Casino where we went to a Vietnamese restaurant for lunch! But beware Vegas lovers...don't EVER go to Zine Restaurant in the Palazzo. Seriously the worst food ever. It took Ben half the day to get over his nausea.

Our flight left at 4pm and we were home by midnight!
We are exhausted but had a GREAT time!

PS- Thanks to everyone for all of the bday love yesterday! It's so wonderful to know that I have such great friends!!!


  1. Nice update!! two comments...

    1) WHAT is on your right boob? Did you make like a bachelorette party again and write on yourself?

    2) i LOVED Ka too! I went with work when I went in June!

  2. Very nice girl! Sounds like a great time!! That is the way to party it up you b-day!

  3. Sounds like you all had a fab time, that is GREAT! SO glad you all wonderful time and HAPPY BDAY!!