Monday, August 10, 2009

A Little Less Conversation...A Little More Action Please!

The baby prep has swung into full mode at the Sullivan house!
This week I had a painter come over and paint some of the furniture we would be using for the nursery (both pieces he painted were given to me by my grandparents). I wanted the furniture to match the crib and bookcase! Good news? I loved the color even though I was worried it wouldn't match...Bad news? I hated the paint job. I couldn't fault the guy because he did what I asked....He painted the furniture. But it was not done up to the standard that I had in my head.
Knowing that these pieces were from my grandparents and would be passed for generations to come, I've had to hire an antique refurnishing company to come in, strip/sand the paint off of the furniture, and repaint it! It will be ready in about 3 weeks.
I'm excited about what the final pieces will look like but I'm bummed that we wasted $$ having the first guy do it.
Well, I guess you live and learn right?

Along with nursery shopping and renovating this week (some call this the nesting phase) we also went out to Pho with Steph and Pat on Wednesday. It had been awhile since I satisfied my Pho craving!!
Friday Ben and I had Thai and went to Baby Depot to scope out some other nursery finds. Unfortunately, we didn't find anything so I think we are going to stick with our original choices from Babies R Us. As soon as the nursery is finished (I'm guessing in about a month) I'll post pics for you all!

Saturday, Ben and I went back to the Riverside Farmer's Market and for a walk on the trail. Then I went to meet Amanda and Melissa for lunch and to get Mani's/Pedi's.
Saturday night, Ben and I tried Chicago Style Pizza at a place called Nancy's Pizza in Buckhead. We went with Ben's coworker Chris and his wife Megan. Although it wasn't quite as good as actual Chicago pizza, it was still DELICIOUS!!! We'll definitely be hitting that up again! After dinner, we swung by Pat and Steph's for drinks on the porch (Non alcoholic St. Pauli's for me) and chatted til about Midnight!

Sunday I met back up with Steph at her pool for some tanning time while Ben and Pat played Tennis on the courts next door! I was able to cheer for Ben while reading my US Weekly in the sun!
Sunday night Ben and I grilled out and watched the rest of Shark Week on DVR!
A very relaxing but productive week/weekend!

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