Sunday, May 18, 2008

Catina Marina!

Saturday night Ben and I spent the evening hanging out with our friends at an awesome restaurant called Cantina Marina!
It's located on the SW Waterfront in DC.
Good food, Good can't get much better than that!
Here are the pics! Thanks to everyone that came out! We had a blast!

Kera, Erin, Christine, and Christina

Todd, Jacqueline, Poot, Kristen and Ben

The girls..Jill, Karen, Jacqueline, Erin, Kera, Emily, Kristen and Christina

The Boys...Poot, Ben, Todd, and Chris

Erin and Kristen

Kristen and Ben


  1. Had a great time at CM!!! So glad you guys were in town, great reason to get together :) Now, the real fun will be this weekend though! Who's ready??!!!!!

  2. Sad I missed it! :( How was the place? SEE YOU THIS WEEKEND! xoxo