Thursday, May 29, 2008

The "Dog" Days of Summer

Darcy and Bella
From Left...Kim, Darcy, Steph, Bella, and Pat
Kristen, Darcy and Kim
Even our adopted Kitty got along with Darcy!

Summer's Officially here and I'm so excited!!!
What are some of the Sullivans' favorite summer time activities you ask?
Answer: Hanging out by the pool, drinking wine outdoors, and BBQ'ing almost everyday!
Last night Ben and I had some friends over for food, drinks and fun!!!
It was a great night, and the rain held off... so we were able to spend most of the night outdoors.
This was especially helpful to the furry friends that we had as guests.

Check out Bella (Pat and Steph's Darling Shih Tsu) and Darcy (Kim and Will's Adorable new born Westie) in the above pics!

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