Thursday, May 8, 2008

YES...We have joined the BLOGGER train!

Hello Everyone!!!
Well after much deliberation, I've decided to start a blog. I'm pretty much obsessed with blogs! I read my friends' blogs, my friends' friends' blogs, and of course Perez Hilton and Hollywood Rag!

So...without further ado...welcome to the Sullivan Blog! WOOHOO!!!

I've decided that since today is our (Ben and Kristen's) 5 month anniversary and I can still consider myself quite the newlywed... that I will have lots to share about LOVE, LIFE, and having FUN!

Okay, so who are the Sullivans?
Here we are:
This is Kristen and Ben

And this is Kristen and Ben when we aren't posing for engagement pictures

Just a brief case people read this that don't know us...highly unlikely by the way...

Ben and I live in Atlanta, GA. We've been here for almost a year. We met in Washington, DC in October of 2003 after a kickball game. We love to travel, go out and socialize with all our friends, try new restaurants, be adventurous (well this is only "somewhat adventurous" for should have heard me screaming like a little girl when we went parasailing in the Bahamas), and exercising/being active.

It seems that's there is always something going on in our lives, so I thought that with a little blogger training I would be able to share everything with you all!

Hope you enjoy!!!