Friday, May 9, 2008

New Kitty on the Block!

So here is some pics of our new kitty! Well, let me correct myself here, she's not "our kitty" but more of an "adopted kitty". She belongs to the neighbors across the street but she comes over to our house every night to get treats. Then she comes inside and hangs out with Ben and I when we are cooking dinner, watching American Idol, or just chilling. She's so sweet and I love her like she was my own. Good news for Ben and I though...we don't have vet bills or have to pay for someone to take care of her when we are out of town. So it's the best of both worlds!

Oh and I haven't named her I'm sure she already has a name. But back when I thought she was a boy I called her Davis. Now that I know she's a girl I'm thinking of calling her Lasquisha.

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