Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Madness Weekend

Kristen and the Bride to Be
The Troy St. Gang
The bachelorette night!!! We wore Tarheel Blue shirts designed especially for the bride!
Sunday at the Starboard (aka...the best bar on earth!)

Ben and I both got back from our work trips on Thursday night.

After a dinner of Won Ton Soup, Steamed Dumplings and quality time vegging on the couch, I got my bags together again and woke up Friday morning to head back to DC for a bachelorette party.

Jacqueline (or Jackie D) is one of my best buds and roomies from my DC days.
We lived together for 4 years before I moved to North Carolina.
Jacqueline is getting married to Todd on June 14th and I'm so excited to be a part of the wedding.

I landed in DC on Friday around 12pm and was picked up by Caryn and Erin. Then we headed to Dewey Beach, DE for a weekend of CRAZINESS!!! I've posted a few pics...I seriously laughed for 3 days straight!!!

Whenever I think of the lovely state of Deleware I normally think of that Wayne's World Clip where Wayne and Garth stand in front of the state of Deleware sign and say "Hi...I'm in Deleware". But let me promise you...for all you nay sayers...Dewey Beach is one of my favorite places on earth!! It's where the twenty something crowds of DC escape every weekend during the summer!

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  1. Wayne's World!! Woohoo!! Didn't Caryn say we looked like Wayne and Garth on Sunday in our Redskins jersey.

    ~ Garth (aka Jackie D)