Friday, August 22, 2008

Ben's Boo Boo

So many of you have heard this story already but I thought I would make a quick post about it just to poke a little more fun at my husband.

What should have been a nice evening with Ben's coworkers...ended up being one CRAZY night!
Here's the recap!

So... Wednesday night Ben and I went over to his boss Roy's house for one of their coworkers birthdays.
Well, Roy has this AMAZING bar in his basement fully stocked.
He kept pouring shots, making cosmo's...anything you wanted.

But little did I know that Roy kept sneaking Ben tequila shots, and Ben (wanting to impress his boss) Kept taking them....

Somewhere around 10pm the booze hits him...hard!!!
Well, as the night is coming to an end, Ben reaches under a table to grab something (I think it was a napkin that had fallen...not even sure what exactly it was he was reaching for at this point) and when he came up..he had a Huge cut on his forehead and blood was dripping down his face.
He had no idea that he was a bloody mess until his coworker and I started screaming! this point I decide it's time to leave.

As we are driving home I hear the dreaded words from Benny as he says "Pull over"...I quickly turn into the first store I see, where Ben proceeds to throw up all over the Radio Shack parking lot (I felt bad for those employees on Thursday morning)....
Anyways, we get him home and put him to bed...but Thursday morning Ben was sitting in his cube and trying not to talk to people at work.
1. He had the worst hang over of his life
2. He has a huge bandaid on his forehead

Ahhh...the lengths you will go to impress your coworkers. Luckily, he is just fine and his cut will heal soon!

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