Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Livin on the "Edge"

The view looking out our door
View from the driveway
View from the street

So Ben and I are now the proud owners of "Edging". All of you apartment/condo/townhome owning peeps out there might not know what this is...so I'll explain...it's basically using some sort of material (concrete, stone, or wood) to create a barrier between where your grass ends and your plants and mulch begin.
Check out the pics! It looks great!!! We chose stone!
Is it lame that I'm UBER excited about this???...I guess I'm old!

Props to our landscaper Cliff...He's the bomb!
If anyone in ATL needs a recommendation for an excellent landscaper who won't rip you off, then give me a holler!


  1. is this what you now talk about over beers with your new ATL friends ;)

  2. You are such a suburban cliche! :-)

  3. Thank you! I now have that song in my head!

  4. The landscaping looks great.

    See you soon,