Friday, September 5, 2008

Why do my teams always stink???

Last night Ben and I hosted a gathering at our house to celebrate the beginning of football season! The Sullivan house is definitely a "football house" and we've both been getting excited for the 2008 season opener for about a month! It was a great time celebrating with about 15 of our friends...

But WHY...and I must repeat I get so excited about every football season only to be left broken hearted in the end???

The Sullivan teams are the Carolina Gamecocks, VA Tech Hokies, and the Washington Redskins.
Three teams that happen to SUCK this year!

Last week VA Tech got beat down by ECU, and Ben was devastated.
I, on the other hand, was Ecstatic last week when the Gamecocks defeated NC State.
I thought..FINALLY, this could be our season!
Boy was I wrong! Last night's defeat against Vandy was the final nail in the coffin to yet ANOTHER Gamecock losing season...

And I won't even begin to discuss how bad the Skins played last night!!! I'll save you all the pain...

But who's just the beginning of the season. Maybe there will be a turn around????
I guess it's the "question mark" that makes Football so much fun to watch!

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  1. what a bummer about both teams losing! but we had a great time! thanks for having yosh & me over!!